About SEET

The SEET is India's first certification for jobs in the private sector with equal benefits for employers and candidates. As the technology continues to evolve rapidly, employers are increasingly choosing virtual hiring methods such as screening through online assessments.

The majority of aptitude tests only measure reasoning abilities, but the SEET assesses candidates on a range of different factors, including Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, Personality Traits, and Verbal Communication.

Using SEET you can identify your strong and weak areas so that you can work on improving them, or you can look for specific industries/jobs that are more conducive to your strengths. Hundreds of companies have registered with us and are looking for talented individuals with excellent growth prospects.

For Candidates:
  • Additional certifications
  • Regardless of the technical or non-technical background, candidates can demonstrate their abilities through this test
  • This test gives candidates an edge over their competitors and help them getting shortlisted
  • Skill Amaze ID allows employers to verify SEET certificates as well as see candidates' video resumes
For Employers:
  • A comprehensive evaluation that looks beyond resumes
  • Screening tool with high efficacy
  • A fair and unbiased assessment
  • Hiring that is both cost-effective and of high quality
  • Predictive insights on candidates


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