How SEET Helps Job Seekers and Employers

You might be qualified to apply for a job based on your education and experience, but to succeed in most roles, you need soft skills. The building blocks of your career are your employability and 'soft skills'. It is common for employers to teach their employees the job-specific skills they need, such as how to use special computer programs unique to that role or company. However, they usually prefer to see that you already possess 'soft skills' before hiring you, because they are much harder to develop.

Job markets in India are paradoxical. The country is facing an unemployment crisis, but an increasing number of employers cannot find qualified candidates. To fill the skill gap, both domestic and multinational companies are utilizing employability tests to screen candidates based on their tests scores.


Online Employability Certification for Excellent Career and Efficient Hiring

In many companies, SEET is used to shortlist candidates for interviews. The screening process is useful for saving time and resources. It also helps candidates in analyzing their weaknesses and strengths, as well as working towards improving them.

How SEET Works

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