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Skill Amaze is recognized by business partners, recruiters, and clients as the most effective guide for skills acquisition. As one of the most appreciated employment service companies in India, our workforce solutions are the best in the industry. By completing our comprehensive employability assessment known as SEET (Skill Amaze Express Employment Test), candidates can add a certification to their resumes and make their profile matchless in India’s highly competitive industries. With us, candidates can choose from hundreds of employers that partner with us for the best talent.

To recruiters, what we are creating is a pool of screened candidates that can be used to select the best candidate for their organization, thereby making the hiring process fast, unbiased, and cost-effective.

As a recruiter, we encourage you to consider our end-to-end services for all your hiring needs. If you're looking for a job, SEET certificate is your gateway to the best employers across industries in India.


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